What’s at stake if kids don’t study the arts in school?

I wanted to explore some broader ideas of why the arts matter.

So meet high school principal Eric Alburtus, who says arts classes give kids a chance to discover new worlds and different ways of thinking and creating.

In fact, Alburtus’ teenage son worked backstage doing lighting and design for the high school’s musicals, and that’s what got him interested in engineering — which he’s going to study in college this fall.




Quick: tell a story in 2 minutes

We recently got a great assignment at Michigan Radio: interview an immigrant and tell their story in 2 minutes with just their voice (and no reporter voice narrating the story).


Thank you Linda Steinke for sharing your story with me.  When she said the part about how she would have “died from the war, torture, or depression” had she stayed in Iran, I just was blown away. Listen to her story here.

And speaking with Linda, I was reminded of the awesome graphic novel & film, Persepolis, by Iranian writer, Marjane Satrapi. More on that here.




Credit: Flickr user Alexandre Dulaunoy

Credit: Flickr user Alexandre Dulaunoy

I’m in a pub with BBC producers. (That’s a pretty awesome thing, right there.) And they tell me to check out this audio project. Not that long ago, they played an excerpt on the BBC. But say when you air something like this on the radio you HAVE to give your audience fair warning.