Personal trainer teaches clients to love their bodies

Laura Sprague stretches anywhere & everywhere. One of the first things she told me, just after we met, was that she doesn’t sit in chairs. So we did this interview on her living room floor, while she did yoga poses and stretched around me.

overhead-extension-front (1)

Sprague calls herself a personal trainer, self-esteem coach, and body-love specialist. She shared her very personal story about how she developed this unique perspective on physical health, after overcoming sexual trauma, self-abuse, poverty, and other issues.

You can listen here:

When it comes to homeless youth, don’t judge a book by its cover

Lawyer Robert Sporny shared his story with me about being a homeless teenager. Sporny was adopted as a baby. Life with his adopted family was difficult and filled with abuse and alcoholism.  On the last day of high school, he left home for good. Overall, he was homeless for one year.


Thank you Robert for speaking from the heart about your life experiences. I was moved by our conversation. -Kyle



Whose stories do history groups tell?

I looked at what struggling historic groups can do to attract more people. Turns out one thing they can do is tell stories from a wider range of perspectives and points-of-view.

That’s certainly one reason I never cared much about history during school–because I never felt like I was hearing about people who I could personally relate to. And I certainly never heard about women during any kind of education about history.

Funny that now as an adult, I’m super-geeking about history, and really loving learning about all kinds of people and stories from back-in-the-day.