Ramadan Guest


I wanted to ask Muslims who fasted for Ramadan what the experience was like–because I had no idea and I assumed many of our radio listeners also didn’t know. That’s despite the fact that southeast Michigan is home to a rich variety of Arabic cultures, people, religions, and customs.



Spending time with everyone at the Islamic Center of Detroit was one of my favorite reporting experiences ever. It was fun and joyful and eye-opening and educational. I felt as if I were hanging out with a bunch of my cousins. And when I was in the kitchen with the cooks, it felt as if I were with my aunts and grandmas who were engaged in some serious home-cooking. That’s even though we didn’t speak the same languages and we grew up in different countries.

This story changed me.

It woke-up my desire to broaden myself, meet people outside of my social circles, get global, and travel the world.

You can listen here:




Adults find joy in coloring books



I visited The Ruth Hughes Memorial District Library in the tiny town of Imlay City, to spend time with the adult coloring club. They were a sweet and easy bunch. Listen to my story here:


While I was there, local reporter Catherine Minolli did a story about me coming to town to do a story. You can read that here:



This was how we buried our poor & mentally ill

Eloise haunts everyone around these parts.

It’s a former mental hospital just outside of Detroit. It has a humble cemetery where its poor and unclaimed residents were buried back in the day. Around 7,000 of them. Here’s the story of two people trying to clean up that decrepit cemetery and running into some serious red tape from the county:


Below, Felicia Sills points out a marker–or simple gravestone–that’s been covered by the earth.


Tattoo artist raises money for Flint with a heart tattoo

Getting a tattoo to commemorate the Flint water crisis is pretty hard core. But 35 people did just that, at the Lucky Monkey Tattoo Parlor in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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And watch the video by Mercedes Mejia & Mark Brush here: