Vay Cay

I’m on official Xmas vacation this week. We’re going to Saugatuck: to relax, drink coffee, explore the west-coast towns and go snow-shoeing, our new favorite activity.




Meanwhile…I’m super excited about a series I’m working on, about homeless youth. I’ll have 2 profiles of young people, plus a more policy-based piece, and might even have a profile of a homeless-youth center in Howell. It’s been really rewarding to work on these stories, and I think the end result is going to be powerful and tight.

NPR will play my feature on Logan Hyatt, the horse-show organist, sometime this month and I’ll post a link when it’s out.

Listening to Bon Iver, “Re: Stacks” as a soundtrack for the sparkling and crackle-cold season. The song is a lovely, melancholy haunting full of regret and stones thrown hard at the past.


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