Almost Losing The Family Farm

Michigan Radio is doing a series/documentary called “Facing the Mortgage Crisis.” This is part of that series.

I interviewed Paula Braun about how her family almost lost the family farm to foreclosure. They managed to save it at the last minute. This was one of those interviews where I was blown away by Paula’s openness, especially when it came to talking about really difficult things. I walked away from that interview feeling opened-up myself, while also feeling more raw and tender then before.

My editor had me mix this so that Paula tells her story in her own words. There were so many powerful things she said that did not make it into the final mix. One thing she told me: during the worst time of all this, her family would go to the grocery store once a month and spend only $30 on food. I asked her what $30 gets at the store, and she explained to me how she would buy discounted food and frozen bread, and how she could make those things last.



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