Making the Food Charity System Better & More Fun

More people than ever before are getting food assistance in Michigan. I recently went to a church where they were giving out boxes of free food (as part of the following story) and the experience shook me. People looked rough. The mood of the room was intense and beat-down.

One man in west Michigan is trying to help people going through rough patches of their lives by making the food charity system better and more fun. His name is John Arnold and he’s executive director of Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank.

John Arnold

He runs a massive warehouse that gathers food on the cheap then makes it available to food agencies.

And as one Facebook fan commented on the Michigan Radio FB page, “I didn’t hear any judgment or superiority in John Arnold’s voice.” I totally agree with that comment, which was just one of the many reasons I was impressed by Mr. Arnold.

One thought on “Making the Food Charity System Better & More Fun

  1. Great article, Kyle! Those in need are more especially in need of better nutrition. It does lift their spirits. I’m happy to hear about this program and Mr. Arnold’s perspectives. I agree with him that we have so much wealth that we can certainly all be doing better at taking care of one another!

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