Been listening back to some of my vintage radio features from years past. Listening to the super early stuff can be painful but it’s also good to hear (with the ear) how far I’ve come.

Listened to this piece and I just felt proud–like it was a meaningful story and I did it justice.


It’s got good ambi sound (listen for the squeaking, rolling wheels of the food-hauling cart at the very beginning.) The things people say propel the story further along, and there’s heart in their words & tone.

But when I listen so many things come flooding back that I didn’t mention in this piece: the intense, overwhelming feeling of desperateness I sensed from people lining up for food. The line itself–which was huge and had to managed by the volunteers.

Even the conversation I had with John Arnold, the program’s director, about spirituality and Buddhism and poverty and kindness.

None of this made it into the piece, and I think if I had reported this piece yesterday I would have told it differently with more of these details.

Still, the last thing John says continues to ring in my ears. In regards to helping the poor he says…”We OUGHT to be doing better.”




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