About KN

Kyle Norris is a reporter, producer, on-air host, and voice-talent.



24 thoughts on “About KN

  1. Hi Kyle,

    I heard your voice on the radio when driving home from work on Friday – we used to play soccer together in AASA. I admire you and your work a lot, and I am not the least bit surprised to see how successful you’ve been at NPR. Keep up the good work!

    Take care,

  2. Hello Kyle…

    Imagine my surprise this past Saturday as my family and I were coming home and listening to Michigan Public Radio…like we love to do and there was this voice saying “I’m Kyle Norris”…and I said to my husband…I wonder if that’s the same Kyle Norris who was in the Sound of Music with me some hundred years ago!!!

    And it was! Congrats on all your success!! Would love to hear from you! Email me…or find me on facebook…

    Beth (Daniels) Trudeau

  3. Hi Kyle,

    You used to work for a bit at the Ann Arbor Observer. I always admired the way that you seemed to stick to you principles and follow your dream. I remember you said back then that you wanted to be in radio–and now you are! I hear you every night on my NPR station. I applaud you for your success and would like to say you are an inspiration to me. Good for you for your radio success!

    Best wishes,

    Laura Bien (former calendar editor at the Observer)

  4. Hey Kyle,

    I worked with Lenny on the yard sale at the temple when you used to stop by occasionally. I’m glad you’ve done the great stories you’ve covered and that you’re movin’ on up in the media world. Whenever I hear you on the radio I always feel this mixture of pride and disbelief that this creative, quirky, down-to-earth person that I used to know is on a mainstream media outlet. It kinda feels like we’re putting one over on the man. Keep it up!

    Anyway, I’m partly writing for a practical reason. My son’s cub scout troop is supposed to visit a radio or TV station as field trip. Do you know who I should talk to to set it up?

    Ben Darragh aka Bophui aka Bo Peep

  5. Hi Kyle,

    I’ve been avid listener of Michigan Radio for over a decade now, and I’ve enjoyed hearing your work and think you have a fantastic radio voice.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  6. Kyle,

    Thank you so much for visiting our Turkey class at Ross on Tuesday. You were extremely helpful in helping teams develop their topic ideas, providing a podcast framework, and posing questions to us to run further our concepts. We also all enjoyed hearing the NPR clips, you are a compelling storyteller.

    Thanks again,

  7. Hi Kyle–
    I’m Katie Carey (Virnich)’s sister, Maggie (from PH). I listen to the radio show “Marketplace” in the DC area almost every night at 6 pm driving home from work. The last couple of nights, I have heard your spots for the Environment Report. I just wanted to say hi, and that I’m really interested in what you’re doing. I have been supporting the ENERGY STAR program for about 10 years now, mostly Web and database support.

    Keep up the great work! Hope you and your family are doing well.


  8. Hey Kyle, Long time…

    Funny to see you playing a J-45 in the pic, would you believe I just got one 3 weeks ago? Looks like you’re doing well though…that does my heart good!

  9. Hello Kyle,

    Way back when I coached AYSO you were on one of my teams. Glad to see you still heart soccer. I’ve heard you on Michigan NPR and have to smile remembering that little blond girl scoring all those goals. You are still making the goals–you go girl.

  10. hey sweetpants – i love that you have a blog and it’s a natural fit for you, whoo hoo! i miss you too. & i have added your blog to my blog list!

  11. Hi Kyle,

    I received an e-mail indicating that you may be coming to the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Ukulele Club at the end of the month.

    If you need any resource/background information the website http://www.ukulelehunt.com is a great place to find interesting uke tid-bits.

    Additionally, if the story has a portion about renewed interest in ukuleles, I would point you toward the musician “Beirut”. His first two albums are very uke heavy. Also, there is a newcomer named “Dent May”. He has a new album out called, “Dent May and His Magnificient Ukulele”.


  12. Hi Kyle – I just moved back to Ann Arbor after many years and when I first heard your voice and name on the radio I thought… I wonder if that’s the same Kyle that I worked with at Sweet Lorraine’s a million years ago? Anyway I don’t expect you to remember me – I just wanted to say I enjoy your work and hearing your voice. I’m a big NPR geek and I think you have one of the better radio voices.

  13. Hi Kyle,
    I heard your Ukulele story on NPR and thought, “I wonder if that is IAA Kyle Norris?” One google search later and I had my answer. Congrats! That was a very cool story! It would be great to see you at the IAA reunion this fall — there’s a page set up for it on Facebook: Interlochen Reunion 93-95, 73-75, 70, 85. I’m working on getting Joy Martin & Liz Enck to come.
    Be well,
    Cari Lewis McMahon (IAA 92-94, Trumpet)

  14. Just another one of those ‘didn’t you used to work with me at?’ moments ~ I think you’ve worked just about everywhere, with the energy of a thousand Google employees! I was “home” (Ann Arbor) for a few weeks this summer and tuned into Michigan Radio, and caught your radio announcement of yourself . Then I found myself uttering the magic phrase, “I wonder if that is the SAME Kyle Norris…” Didn’t you intern at CURRENT magazine with us? Life is grand, in that small-world way.

    You did terrific, energizing writing (and photos, I believe, too?) with me, Stephanie, Todd, Dave, Harvey, Colin, and the rest of the crew, back in the day. I am enjoying how you funnel your connectivity with people and art into this great resource for radio, and also translate it through your blog. Fine, fun, heart-wrenching, eye-opening, ear-pleasing and relevant stuff!

    I’m in Alaska now, at KUAC public radio, writing ~ I like to tell people I’m a photographer for radio, too, but in this multimedia world, no body blinks an eye at that.

    You’re doing the right stuff ~ keep it up!
    Lisa (Powers) Scerbak

  15. Hi Kyle,
    I just read your piece on Steve Luxenberg on the Michigan Public Radio site. Thanks for providing pix. I recently reviewed his book on my blog Night Light Revue, and was so curious about the up north asylum. Great shots.
    Megan Shaffer

  16. Hi Kyle,

    We met at Lamb’s Retreat a few years ago and I enjoyed your music there and your stories on Michigan Radio now as an traveling listener. I remember your assignment song, “Butterscotch,” from that weekend – a “keeper” in my opinion. (I will be glad to send you a copy as the assignments were recorded. ) Though I have struggled with “contrarian assignments” – some have ended up being ones I play out (most all of “tinkered with” after the fact).

    Congrats on the new place – thanks for the stories!
    =J. Oscar

  17. Hi Kyle,

    So happy to see that you are sharing your unique perspective over the radio! Really fantastic stories – great stuff!

    My best to you from Haiti, Andrew

  18. Kyle-

    Just heard your piece this morning about the Smartshop. I really enjoyed it. Sad tale but important part of our Kzoo history. Wondering if you ever thought about a doing a story about a youth bike program in Kalamazoo. Something called Open Roads?? I can even let you talk to one of our partners named Molly at the Peace House. For free!

    Would love to hear from you if you are interested in this story.


    Ethan Alexander

  19. Was so delighted to hear your story about Malcolm Rene Ribot (and your own disclosure) on NPR today! Props and big love to you on your journey ❤

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